Getresponse Review

If you’ve been trying to make money online for more than a couple years, then you’ve probably been through several ebooks and courses and trainings and heard that the money is in the list and you should be building one from the beginning. And that’s 100% true. The money IS in the list and your email list is your most important asset you have in your online business, because it’s your audience, your list of customers, which you can mail again and again to make money on demand.
Another lie you’ve probably been sold over the years (because it’s what you want so badly to believe) is that you can make money by just pushing a few buttons, then sit back as the money just starts pouring in forever and ever.

You’ve probably figured out by now that you have to put some work and effort into developing a few skills in order to create money out of thin air, however, of all the ways to make money, and email list is the closest thing you’ll ever find to push button. Because if you know and understand your audience and they know, like and trust you, and you put a quality offer in front of them…then your email list essentially becomes a virtual ATM.

So, what are the main tools you need to build an email list?

The heart of any email list is the autoresponder. Now, there are several to choose from out there, but I use and recommend GetResponse, because I feel they’re one of the most user-friendly autoresponders available, they’re affordable, it’s very intuitive to figure things out, they have good customer support, and they’re one of the main autoresponders that typically integrate with most all the popular lead capture tools, plugins and services available.

They also have a very helpful free autoresponder university, where they will guide you through exactly how to use all the tools and features within your autoresponder. This is great, because although you probably already know that you should be building an email list, there are very little tutorials on how to use your autoresponder, so GetResponse solves this problem with their free training.

In addition to a great autoresponder, the other tools you will need are a squeeze page building tool. For this I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ClickFunnels. And then you’ll need to send some high quality, targeted traffic to your offer. For this I recommend Facebook ads or checking out some of the most valuable traffic courses I found.

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